Monday, March 29, 2010

March 27th Crawl

This past Saturday we had a sketchchcrawl. It started inside the library but with the sun shining we took to the streets. Walked over to St. Mary's and Washington Square park. Which has a statue of Lincoln...huh....who knew?!? There were 5 sketchers and one photograhper. Not a bad turn out for March. Hoping to have some of the other sketchers sketches posted soon.


  1. enjoyed it, enjoyed it, am only lazy about scanning and posting sketches but will try to fix that up soonski!

  2. I remember anti-war protests and "happenings" at Washington Sq Park in the late 60's. The question always was; Why is Lincoln in Washington Sq Park and where is Washington?


  3. These are fantastic. Wish I had been there to join you guys.