Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New Dates!!

Hey out there,

We are excited to announce two new SketchCrawl dates, with a bit of a twist.

Working with the South Wedge Farmers Market* we will be sketching, painting, creating and more than likely getting our groceries on both Thursday June 16th and Thursday August 4th from 4-7 pm.

Once there we can roam the market or hang in the dedicated SketchCrawl space to capture all that goes on around us.

As usual, there is no charge to participate. So come out and take a break from the week!!

If you have questions, drop a comment here or shoot us an email: Genine at or Rachael at

*The South Wedge Farmers Market brings fresh, local sustainably-grown foods to the South Wedge and nearby neighborhoods every Thursday, 4-7 pm, from June 2 through October 20. This lively, popular community gathering spot also offers live music, community groups, and activities for kids in the shade of the big trees behind Boulder Coffee at the corner of Alexander and S. Clinton.


  1. I live about 1 1/2 hours from Rochester, do you do this on weekends? I work till 4pm during the week and would be unable to get there before you were done. Haven't done a sketchcrawl but it sounds like fun.

  2. Hi Tascarini,
    We do these on weekends a few times a year and encourage you to keep checking this blog. Drawing in a group is a lot of fun-- maybe also you could gather a sketchgroup in your location...